Red deer calls

Red deer calls

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Product no.: 510510

Only the very old Central European red deer hunters remember this excellent game call. It was no longer commercially available for over 50 years. It is made from a combination of pressed paste-board and artificial resin. This special material is the secret to it's natural calling qualities. The included Audio-CD (in German language) contains all the different animal sounds of a real red deer rut. Also wild boar can be called in with this special game call. The wild boar's "roch - roch - roch" amplified through this call sounds absolutely natural. For the manufacturing of this call unlike some competitors we only use materials of the best quality available.

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Product no.: 510516

Besides the Triton conch, this ox horn call was the favoured instrument of the famous red stag hunter Graf Georg zu Münster. It is not drilled on purpose to maintain it's natural sound characteristics. Also available in 60 cm length.

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