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New Zoro: The Commandments of the Half-Time Shuffle

Product no.: 022-573

The Commandments of the Half-Time Shuffle - 96 P.; Patterns and Rhythms, 30 Classic Transcriptions, etc.; Text engl.

22.95 € *

New Nickel, Jost: Jost Nickels Groove Book (Book + CD)

Product no.: 022-572

Jost Nickels Groove Book  (Buch + CD) - 128 P.; Groove Design, Orchestrierung, Split & Switch Grooves, Linear Grooves, Ghostnotes, Displacements, Timing, Bass Drum Control, etc.; MP3-CD mit 200 Grooves und Exercises; Text german

21.95 € *

Fabig, Jörg: Drumset Starter Band 2 (Book + CD)

Product no.: 021-301

Drumset Starter Band 2 (Buch + CD) - 100 S.; Fortsetzung der Schlagzeugschule  für Kinder u. Jugendliche; Text deutsch

19.99 € *

New Kollias, George: The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming Part I: The Beginning

Product no.: 022-580

The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming Part I: The Beginning

This is the beginning of a journey into the Double Bass Drumming world…

Being a double bass drummer for all my life I always enjoyed sharing information about the concept I dedicated so many years of my career and I always had the dream of writing a book about it…and here it is! Not one, but three books with everything you need to know about Double Bass Drumming!

With the Odyssey Of Double Bass Drumming, I want to take you through this journey; talk about everything concerning Double Bass Drumming, help you to improve your skills, get you into it more than you are right now and finally help you to teach what we do the right way. There is a long way to get where I want you to get, but I promise you, you will have a lot of fun!

Starting with »Part I: The Beginning«, I want to focus more on beginners, but also get more advanced drummers to return to the basics and work with us. We are about to explore the first double bass patterns, basic double bass grooves as well as many groove variations, work on our balance/coordination, foot strength building, learn everything about pedal settings/sitting position as well as have a lot of fun with the play-along tracks I wrote for you! Play-along tracks for each level that you can have fun with today or teach to your students; that’s the multi-purpose of this book series: Help students and teachers!

Following soon after this book, we are going to raise the bar big time with »Part II: The Journey«. Till then, make sure you master THIS book to get yourself ready!

Have fun!
George Kollias

Published in February 2014 by modu Publishing. 193 pages, Hardcover. Includes an access to code to the book's Online Bonus Website that provides lots of audio tracks and playalongs. And there's frequently more to come!

34.90 € *

Fabig, Jörg: Drum Along VII - 10 Classic Rock Songs Reloaded (Book + CD)

Product no.: 024-1203

Drum Along VII - 10 Classic Rock Songs Reloaded (Buch + CD) - 10 Play-along-Titel: Stars (Simply Red) - Don't Get Me Wrong (Pretenders) - Fields Of Gold (Sting) - I Wanna Know What Love Is (Foreigner) - Whenever I Stop (Mike And The Mechanics) - Hedonism (Skunk Anansie) - Another One Bites The Dusk (Quenn) - Mr. Jones (Counting Crowes) - Under The Bridge (Red Hot Chili Peppers - Sex On Fire (Kings Of Leon)

14.95 € *

Weitzel, Arend: Pauken Tretschule

Product no.: 032-024

Pauken Tretschule - 38 S.; 56 Übungen zum Ein- und Umstimmen für Pedalpauken; Text deutsch/engl.

22.00 € *

Böck, Charly: Samba Percussion (Book + CD)

Product no.: 061-307

Samba Percussion (Buch + CD) - 120 S.; Latin-Instrumente, Spielweise und Übungen; Ensemble-Rhythmen f. Samba Batucada, Repinique, Samba-Reggae u.a.; Text deutsch.

19.95 € *

Rosauro, Ney: Mestre Zeferino for Marimba Solo

Product no.: 044-3264

Mestre Zeferino for Marimba Solo - 7 Min.; Fantasy over a theme from Zeferino Nandayapa; 5-Octave-Marimba, 4 Mallets, Opus 53, advanced

14.00 € *

Burnin' Beats!

Product no.: 029-578

Burnin' Beats! - 52 full colour cards, 50 essential beats for all drummers; Rock, Metal, jazz, Funk and more; Text engl.


9.95 € *

Schäfer, Tom: Schlagzeuger Kochbuch

Product no.: 029-571
Schlagzeuger Kochbuch - Gebundene Ausgabe, 152 S.; Querformat 26 x 20; 69 wunderbare Koch-Rezepte und illustrative Portrait-Fotografien von Schlagzeuger aller Genres aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum.
24.90 € *
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1 - 10 of 25 results