Hot Frog truck engine pre-heater

Hot Frog truck engine pre-heater

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The HOT FROG truck engine pre-heater is a universal plug-in pre-heater.This works automatical with an internal thermostat and have a continuous working water pump. Temperatur limit are 75 degress C. The pre-heater is suitable for all medium and heavy-duty applications.The best pre-heater  for heater matrix with more than 6/L coolant .

SUV , Boat , Agricultur engines

Rugged diecast aluminium construction is corrosion and impact resistant. 

Aluminium-copper heatig block element povides optimum performance.                                                   

Coolant pump with hight speed brushless inductions motor.

voltage : 220 - 250V~  50-60 Hz                                    

max input power : 2200 W  max 10A                            

pump flow : 10L/m


1x HOT FROG truck P Typ with IEC C14

1x power cable 1,0 m ( UK or DK -SCHUKO )

2x hose clamp


select the power cord variant please !


Product variations
DK / IEC C13/C14 Kable
Power connector: DK / IEC C13/C14 Kable
125.00 € *
IT / IEC C13/C14 Kable
Power connector: IT / IEC C13/C14 Kable
125.00 € *
CH / IEC  C13/C14 Kabel
Power connector: CH / IEC C13/C14 Kabel
125.00 € *
Schuko Netzkabel
Power connector: Schuko Netzkabel
125.00 € *
GB / IEC C13/C14 Kable
Power connector: GB / IEC C13/C14 Kable
125.00 € *
* Prices include VAT, plus delivery
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