For more than 20 years ..... Geometrix XXL


Free download : Geometrix XXL 11.0 - English and German

All previous prices, specifications and price lists, regardless of the media, will become invalid as of 31.10.2019.

The release of version 11.0 has made piracy more difficult. The standard versions are delivered with a dongle.

If you already have version 10.0 or 10.5, you don't need to worry. Your software is up-to-date with the calculation functions.


Under Free download you can find the current shareware version. This is almost fully usable for 30 days. You can
copious test the software.


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Product no.: 5xGeo11-Dongle

Geometrix XXL 11.0 - 5x Full Version - Licensing with 5 Dongle.

When you pay or receive money, you receive five dongle by mail which must be plugged into your computers in a USB port. The full version, which you received as download, runs only with the matching dongle.

315.00 **
Product no.: Geo11-NET

Geometrix XXL 11.0 - network version - up to 20 workstations

When paying or receiving money, you download the network version of Geometrix XXL. This full version can be used as a single-user license or as a multi-user license, i.e. network license.

700.00 **
Product no.: Geo11-Dongle-Red

Geometrix XXL 11.0 - Full version - Licensing with dongle.

When paying or receiving money, you will receive a dongle by mail which has to be plugged into a USB port on your computer. The full version, which you received as download, runs only with this dongle.

70.00 **
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