ZD420 Series Desktop Printers

ZD420 Series Desktop Printers

Groundbreaking ease of use

The ZD420 thermal printers are the only thermal printers to offer both a standard ribbon and a ribbon cartridge model for fool-proof and split-second installation. The ZD420 also lets you know when the ribbon needs replacing. And, five intuitive status icons make it easy for your workers to see, at a glance, what is needed to keep your printer up, running and available.

Add new options easily while on site

If you need new communication or media handling options in the future, no problem. Add serial or ethernet connectivity, plus a peeler or a cutter, right on site — without taking the ZD420 thermal printers out of service. The result? Maximum functionality, uptime, value and return on investment.

Printer Management

ZD420 printers run Link-OS and are supported by our powerful Print DNA suite which includes simplified remote management tools that make it simple to deploy large fleets of printers across multiple locations so you can now maintain, secure and troubleshoot printers from anywhere, at anytime – freeing up operations to focus on work, rather than printers.

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Product no.: ZD42042-D0E000EZ
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