Cartridge-Based Wristband Printers

Cartridge-Based Wristband Printers

The HC100™ makes it exceptionally easy to print individual wristbands on demand. Drop in the wristband cartridge and start printing high-quality wristbands for positive patient identification or hospitaility applications. The HC100 is engineered to be easily wiped down with hospital disinfectants. Zebra offers a complete range of wristband styles, sizes and colours for healthcare, amusement, water-park and entertainment applications.

The only printer designed specifically for wristband printing

The HC100 wristband printer has been designed with the user in mind. Combining the small-footprint HC100 thermal printer with easy-to-load cartridges, it offers an ideal solution for wristband printing. The wide ranges of available wristbands are suitable for healthcare, hospitaility, and leisure applications.

Easy to load media cartridges

The easy to load features of the HC100 require minimal, if any, user action, whilst its smart technology senses the wristband type and auto-calibrates the settings for optimised print quality and reduced waste. There is minimal training required to use the HC100 printer or to load or switch the cartridge—it’s a quick and simple task.

Ideal for hospitaility Venues

Event wristbands have become a fashion statement or badge of honour to showcase all the events one has attended. However, for hospitaility organisations, wristbands serve a different purpose as a business tool. The HC100 with hospitaility wristbands changes the way events managers are planning and executing their events – increasing organisational efficiency and, most importantly, enhancing the customer experience.

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