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With all articles pacifier chain / grasping toy with NAME 5 letters are included in the price, each additional one costs 0.50 €
♥ For plastic letters there are no umlauts like Ä Ö Ü or letters with an apostrophe.
For names with 7 letters or more, motifs are either attached to the side of the pacifier chain or the intermediate lenses are omitted from the letters. With longer names, motifs or pearls could also be omitted entirely.
♥ Each pacifier chain / grasping toy is individually made and may differ slightly from the design example in the photo.
_Please note that the natural material wood is more affected by wear than products made from other materials. In connection with saliva, color abrasion can (but does not have to). The water-soluble paints and varnishes used are completely non-toxic (food-safe) and therefore there is no risk to the child at any time.
All materials used are natural products and can change their color due to prolonged use, chewing, sucking or biting, saliva etc., this is not a defect for complaint!

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