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Individual calculation chain with name and motif
Here you can buy a great and practical calculation chain / counting chain - an indispensable companion in the first school year that should not be missing from a pencil case!
Both strands are on a star-shaped key ring. A heart-shaped key ring can also be used at an additional cost.
With this chain, the number range up to 20 can be captured wonderfully, the five division of the wooden beads helps with orientation.
First adding and subtracting becomes - in the truest sense - child's play.
Thanks to the great colors and extras, the chain is a real eye-catcher and makes learning fun.
The chain is intended for children from the age of three, especially for beginners. Nevertheless, all parts are saliva-proof and of course non-toxic.
I only use high quality materials so that you can enjoy my products for a long time!
I also process everything extremely carefully, always keen to produce a great, individual item for you.
The price includes 5 embossed wooden letters, colorful plastic letters or white plastic letters. Each additional one costs 0.50 EUR.
Other motifs are of course available, as is an abundance of colors and color mixes. If you have any questions, just write to me and take a look around my shop, especially the styles of the pacifier chains can be wonderfully converted into a calculation chain!
Also great in a set if a school beginner has a small sibling! :)
Please do not leave the calculation chain to any child under the age of four without supervision, as the length of 22cm is exceeded and there is a risk of strangulation for small children!
Size / Weight / Dimensions
about 44cm
used material
Wooden beads, key ring, cord

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