Children's breadboard animals

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This makes bread fun ...
These cute boards are made from untreated spruce wood - on request with name branding.
Available: bear, turtle, elephant, hedgehog, duck, hare, seal, dog, car, cat, owl
A name can be burned on request.
The price is for a small board - please specify form
The board is still untreated. However, a colorless and odorless cooking oil, e.g. Sunflower oil thinly rub with a kitchen towel. And repeat this from time to time.
Since the boards are made from one piece and not glued, they are very robust and can even tolerate the dishwasher (however, without guarantee)
The natural, individual grain of the wood can deviate from the photo.
Size / Dimensions / Weight
about 29 x 20 cm
Thickness about 1.70 cm
The size always depends on the motif.
used material
untreated spruce
Wood sawn, honed, burnt, hand drawn.
customization options
When ordering, specify animal shape and name - if desired

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