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A beautiful name bracelet, made of beads and letters beads.
The beads are placed on an elastic rubber band, so the bracelet can be easily pulled over the wrist.
For longer names, the number of beads may vary slightly
Ä ü and ö are replaced with ae, ue and oe. In double cases, a bead is placed between the two names.

As a gift for baptism, birth, as a souvenir or simply to make your little one a joy :-)

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Age or age
Safety note:
In accordance with the provisions of the German Act, I explicitly point out that childrens jewelery is not suitable for children under three years because of the risk of swallowing small parts. It is an accessory and not a toy.
Size / Dimensions / Weight
If they can not give an arm circumference, these average values ​​are used:
0-1 years 10-11cm
1-3 years 12-13cm
3-5 years 13-14cm
5-7 years 14-15cm
7-10 years 15-16cm
Loving handwork

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