Schlummerlicht Engel Birth wall lamp

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*** A guardian angel needs every child ***
Glamorous guardian angel lamp with on / off - switch

and personal data for girls and boys !!

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Glitter and glitter ...

On the cloud name and data can be attached


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~ Great gift idea for birth, baptism or birthday ~


If somewhere a child into the world,

an angel raises next

and every day

and night after night

a lifetime it has guarded ...


This sweet Nursery Wall lamp serves daytime as adorable and eye-catching is at night a delightful slumber light that accompanied the little gently into the land of dreams ...


The data (the child's name, date of birth, height, weight)

simply enter after the purchase in the purchase or in an email to ...

beautiful, handmade wall lamp made of wood
by name and if desired also with other birth dates
(Date / length / weight / time and date of baptism)
a great gift for the birth / baptism or birthday of the child

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The lamp is made of wood and hand painted with acrylics
and with clear lacquer sealed specifically for children wooden toys.
10 is operated the snooze luminaire tested with GS he Fairy Lights,
the course has a switch so convenient on / off can be snapped.
Spacers were to wall mountings rear mounted wooden,
whereby the lamp can then also be fastened.
They may have the lamp easily mounted on the wall.
Nail into the wall, wall lamp hang it.
You only need to plug it in the plug ...
and has accompanied this guardian angel and her child into the world of beautiful dreams
We will only use low-emission paints and coatings,
which are also suitable for all children
HANDMADE thus always UNIQUE !!!

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