Dummy Chain OWL Brown

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The pacifier chain includes:
Wooden pacifier chain clip: nature
Motifs: owl light brown
included in the price: 5 letters (for each additional letter I charge € 0.50 extra.)
Wooden beads in different colors and sizes incl.
If you want to use the pacifier strap for pacifiers without holder / handle, you need a silicone ring. This silicone ring is not firmly integrated with me and can be replaced at any time for a pacifier with handle.
The products are made after receipt of payment. You can see the current delivery times (on the homepage of my online shop ").
All pacifier chains, teething toys and pram chains with names are made with your WUNSCHNAMEN in loving craftsmanship especially for you. The names shown on the product images are merely design examples to better visualize the products offered to you.
The pacifier chains / baby products / products for infants / toddlers products are made exclusively with high quality materials, which are obtained from German manufacturers. The choice of materials is made in compliance with DIN EN 71-3. The colors may differ slightly depending on the screen setting and monitor resolution. The used PP threads for the pacifier chains (1.5mm) are tearproof and made of 100% polyester.
The Nuckelketten have a length of 22cm (measured without clip to the loop).
We can incorporate up to 7 letters into the pacifier holder. More letters are not possible, otherwise the chain would become too long and risk of strangulation. It is on the product picture are more than 7 letters shown. Depending on the name length, the composition of the beads varies.
The embossed plastic / acrylic letters can not use umlauts (ä, ö, ü) as well as "ß", special characters (for example,;.: -_ "'`) or numbers. Only letters of the German alphabet are used.
Safety note:
Check the pacifier adapter / article before each use. Do not use the pacifier chain / article in case of signs of damage or defects.
Never extend the pacifier holder / article! Never attach the pacifier chain / item to cords, straps, straps or loose pieces of clothing. Your child can strangle with it!
Make sure the garment is secure. The dummy chain should only be attached to garments. Use the name chain only outside of playhouses, beds or cradles.
If necessary, clean only with a damp cloth. For fabric tags, only the fabric tag should come into contact with water. Never use detergents, disinfectants or other chemical agents. Store dry. Do not put the product in the dishwasher or sterilizer.
Do not attach heavy objects to the chain.
It is expressly stated that no liability is accepted for any type of risk resulting from improper use of the dummy chains / articles.
All possible accidents and injuries such as Ingestion, suffocation, strangulation, etc. can be avoided by exercising the duty of supervision!
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