Soother chain with the name Stoffstern Blume

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Every mom has already experienced it: just just cleaned the pacifier, he flies again in a high arc to the ground or he has disappeared inexplicably after playing. A pacifier chain provides a practical solution to prevent this, and is also an attractive accessory for your baby.
Our pacifier chains are made in accordance with applicable safety standards and laws in loving craftsmanship. The dummy chains are personalized with the desired name and are therefore a very personal gift. Our pacifier chains are available in many different colors as well as in different designs and designs.
Our pacifier chains are not just practical; With the extras they use, they inspire the little ones to play and discover.
Our pacifier chains comply with current EU standards (DIN EN 12586). This means that the chains are not longer than 22 centimeters (up to the clip) and consist of saliva and welding resistant materials (DIN EN 71).
The pacifier chain shown in the picture is an example, the number of beads can vary depending on the name length, as a maximum chain length of 22 centimeters must not be exceeded. Please do not use double names. Names over nine letters are shortened accordingly.
We use embossed plastic letters as standard.
How to order from us:
1) Make your product selection and buy it.
2) Tell the name of the child when buying.
Gisi's Dekostübchen works exclusively according to the present standards and sells exclusively tested products.
The natural material wood is more affected by wear than products made of other materials. In connection with saliva, color abrasion can occur here. The water-soluble paints and varnishes used are completely non-toxic (food safe). There is no danger to the child at any time. The abrasion is merely a temporally inevitable optical defect and not a reason for complaint.

Attention: For the safety of your child:
Before each use, the entire article must be checked. At the first sign of defects or damage please throw away.
Never lengthen the pacifier chain and never attach the chain to loose parts of clothing.
Your child can strangle! Never use the pacifier chain in the cot, bed or playpen.

To prevent possible injury from entanglement, remove the stroller chain when the child begins to crawl on all fours.

Never leave your child unattended.

Care and cleaning:
Please only clean the products of Gisi's Dekostübchen with a damp cloth.

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