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The bee box - space-saving, efficient, resource-saving

With the purchase of the bee can you ensure that ...

    a used can, plastic bottle and bottle cap can be reused
    around 70 wild bees can find a place to lay their eggs

Data and facts about the bee can:

    Nest tubes made of reeds, bamboo, branches and wood
    Dimensions: approx. 10x12 cm (other sizes gladly on request)
    Location: somewhat protected from wind and rain - it does not have to be windless and completely dry. The installation on a tree, on the fence or balcony is quite possible
    Orientation: Ideally the opening to the south-east. Small deviations are possible, but do not align the opening to the west, as the wind usually blows from this direction

    Simple and quick assembly, just hang it on a tree with a cord
    Very space-saving. There is also a suitable place for the bee box on a small balcony

Already knew?

Insect hotels are actually not hotels, but breeding chambers. After all, the bees don't come to sleep - and they don't have to pay rent.

There are over 550 different wild bees in Germany. If you manage to keep a close eye on the bees in your bee box, you may find out which one it is. Have a look at "Wild Bee Identification Key"

Do something good for nature


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