Pacifier chain with name, double name star

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Pacifier chain with name star
made in loving handwork
practical helper in everyday life and sugar-sweet accessory
ideal gift, for example for a birth or baptism
Pacifier chain with your desired name
★ a maximum of 11 letters is possible
★ only German alphabet without umlauts or special characters
★ The composition of the pearls varies depending on the length of the name
★ Please let me know your desired name.
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Just write to us!
Materials used - only the best for the little ones
★ the chains are manufactured according to the European standard EN 12586
★ the materials are resistant to saliva and sweat according to DIN EN 71-3
★ the paints and varnishes are harmless
★ the cord complies with eco standards and is extremely tear-resistant
★ the wooden clip is equipped with the prescribed ventilation holes to prevent suffocation if swallowed
★ the prescribed maximum length (measured from the clip) is 22cm
Use and stress can lead to color abrasion and wear and tear on the prints and varnishes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fail, but it’s not a reason for complaint. The mere contact with saliva usually does not lead to any peeling or wear of the paint. However, saliva contact in connection with mechanical influences (such as chewing, biting or sucking) can lead to wear and tear. This type of wear and tear is also not a reason for complaint and does not constitute a right to exchange or return. The harmlessness of the materials means that there is no danger to the child at any time.
The wooden beads used were painted with water-based varnishes, i.e. the color may wear off over time, depending on the use. COLOR ABRASION DOES NOT REPRESENT A REASON FOR COMPLAINT!
For the safety of the child
★ the pacifier chain is not a toy, small parts could be swallowed
★ only use the pacifier chain under supervision
★ check the pacifier chain before each use. At the first signs of defects or damage, please dispose of them
★ never lengthen the pacifier chain. Only attach it to clothing, never to straps, straps or loose clothing, as the child could strangle itself
★ Do not put the pacifier chain into the cot, cradle or playpen if the child is unsupervised
I expressly point out that I accept no liability for any kind of risks that arise in connection with improper use of the pacifier chain. All possible accidents (strangulation, swallowing, suffocation, etc.) can be avoided by exercising the duty of supervision.


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