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This personal teething chain is individually handcrafted by me with great care and a lot of love. This makes it an unmistakable eye-catcher. The pleasant textures made of different materials and the lively colors attract babies' attention and promote fine motor skills. It is a very special gift for birth, baptism, the first photo shoot and serves as a reminder of the wonderful first time with your darling.
Further extras on request:
♡ Bells 1.00 €
♡ Fabric star € 3.00
- High quality materials - selected with the greatest care
- Materials exclusively from certified dealers in Germany
- Resistant to saliva and sweat and completely free of harmful substances
- Manufacture in compliance with legal regulations DIN EN 71-3 and DIN EN 12586
- Can be safely put into the mouth of the baby
- Made in Germany
Safety and care instructions:
Check the teething chain before each use!
At the first signs of defects or damage, please throw them away!
Use only under the direct supervision of an adult!
Never lengthen the teething chain! Use the teething chain only for its intended purpose! Never attach them to straps, cords, ribbons, straps or loose parts of clothing. Your child can strangle themselves with it!
A teething chain is not a toy! There is a risk of strangulation!
Only clean all products with a damp cloth! Never use cleaning agents or disinfectants!
The motifs and letters (glitter, print & writing) do not withstand baby teeth and permanent acidic saliva!



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