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Beautiful sticker for the vehicle, it will make your car an eye-catcher.

You can get the sticker in different colors from us.
Dimensions approx.: 15x15cm

Do you need a size that is not offered?
No problem, just write to us, we will make the sticker in your desired size.

materials and properties

The stickers are free motifs, so the stickers have no background and the motifs and writing are glued directly to the substrate.
For this purpose, the stickers are covered with a transfer film and delivered.

You are buying a high quality product made from quality vinyl film.
The sticker is 100% waterproof, car wash-proof and UV-resistant
With proper installation, you can enjoy the sticker for at least 5 years and can remove it at any time without leaving any residue.

Of course, you can also use the sticker to embellish all other things such as laptops, furniture, tiles, panes of glass, provided the surface is smooth.
In addition, the surface must be clean and free of grease and silicone.
How to apply the sticker:

- Make sure the surface you want to apply the sticker to is clean and free of grease
- Take a squeegee, a protractor or a credit card and rub it firmly over the sticker again before you slowly remove it from the colored backing paper
- Check that all parts of the sticker are stuck to the clear transfer paper, otherwise repeat the previous step again
- Press the transfer paper, sticker side first, onto the desired surface and use your squeegee again to stroke firmly
- Gently peel off the transfer paper from the surface.
- Complete!


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