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This addons gives you extensive search/edit/replace functions for companies, contacts and groups in every field. You can search and edit complete fields, but also parts of the fields (example *str. to *street). Optinally casesensitive. It is also possible to insert values at the beginning, at the end or within a field.

Another comfortable function of the replacer is the composing of ACT! fields. You want to concat two existing fields to a new field. Enter the ACT! fields in the "Replace with" field, leave the search field blank. The ACT! fieldnames must be the real internal names. Read it out with the free addon FieldInfo.
Enter the fields as shown [$TBL_CONTACT.USER1$] [$TBLCONTACT.USER2$]. Start the replacer and the replacer will read out the values and combine them.

If you have imported large amount of records in full uppercases the Replacer gives you the possibilty to correct all data. For example CHRIS HUFFMAN -> Chris Huffman.


  • Compatible with ACT! (2005)-15(2013) in english and german
  • Extensive search- and replaceparameters
  • Search and replaces complete fields but also part of the fields
  • Casesensitive optional
  • Can parse and replace ACT! fields [$TBL_CONTACT.USER1$]
  • Corrects full uppercases to uppercase+lowercase

Demo restrictions:
Demo processes only the first 5 records.

Download Download Demoversion

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