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This AddOn is perfect for ACCs and ACT!-Administrators who have converted a database and want to create the companylevel based on contacts.

The companybuilder creates a company record for contact records with the same companyname. The contacts will be linked to the new created company and predefined fields will be transfered from contact to company level. The field mapping is free define- and saveable. The link and transfer process can also be made on existing companies.

CompanyBuilder 1

  • Compatible to ACT! 7-11 in english and german
  • Creates companies out of contacts
  • Based on current contact, current lookup or all contacts
  • Free fieldmapping contact->compan
  • Profile is saveable
  • Can update existing companies
  • Can create companies based on a composed companyname (company - city - No)
  • Optional: Create company if more than 1 contact

Demo Restrictions:
Demo creates only companies starting with 'A'.

Download Download Demoversion

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