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This addon solution replaces the internal ACT! mailmerge function and template editor. The internal one is slow, unstable and the standard Word printing dialog is limited. Start WordConnect, choose the source contacts and a standard ACT!-Word-template (*.adt). The ACT!-template will be converted to a full Word-Mail-Merge document on-the-fly and then WordConnect creates automatically the datasource and starts the internal Word-Mail-Merge support. Very fast and reliable. You could also fill Header and Footer with ACT Mailmerge fields.

WordConnect 1

  • Works with ACT! 7(2005)-15(2013)
  • Works with Office Outlook 2000 - 2013 (only 32 Bit Edition)
  • Uses the Word internal mailmerge function
  • Is many times faster than the ACT! internal one (see example below)
  • Integrated independet template editor as a replacement for the unstable ACT! one
  • ACT! fields in header or footer will be supported
  • If-Then-functions will be supported
  • No limited print dialog
  • Companynames with ";" delimited, will be combined correct
  • Dynamic regardings are possible ([>REGARDING>] ...Text... [>REGARDING>])
WordConnect 2

Act 7.04, Word 2003
4700 contacts


Act internal:
88 Min.

2,5 Min.

Demo Limitation:
Word Connect replaces every 5th character in the mailmerge document with a X. Template Editor is limited to a few fields.

Download Download Demoversion

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