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The Addon GuidCopy copies the contacts’, companies’ and groups’ intern ACT! ID into a separate ACT! field. The preferences for this addon take place in the guidcopy.ini that you can find in C:Programme/ACT/ACT for windows/Plugins. Open that .ini file to manage your preferences. After installing the addon the process runs automatically in the background without any interacting from your side. That is how the file looks like: [Config] EveryMins=10 ContactField= CompanyField= GroupField= WithBrackets=1 Uppercase=0 Explaining guidcopy.ini: EveryMins=5 shows the Scan interval in minutes, with what the addon copies the GUID ID into the ACT! fields. ContactField=TBL_CONTACT.USER5 selects the contact field which will be target for the copied ID of contacts. CompanyField=TBL_COMPANY.BUSINESS_LINE3 shows the company field which is going to contain the copied companies’ GUID IDs. GroupField=TBL_GROUP.DESCRIPTION shows the group field which is going to contain the copied groups’ GUID ID. WithBrackets=1 creates {...} brackets around the GUID. (1 YES/0 NO). In the ACT! data bank the GUID ID is shown with woven brackets. Here you can edit if you want to take them or only the pure GUID ID without brackets with. Uppercase=0 creates GUID with upper cases (1 YES/0 NO). Please take note that the intern ACT! field names are required for the field names. You can read them out with the Freeware Addon FieldInfo. Limited demo version: Only the half GUID ID gets copied.
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