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We have developed an interface that exports all your ACT! contacts from the data base automatically into the Global Address list (GAL) of your Microsoft exchange server. You can export the files directly into the Global address list or in one of it’s under folders. Where the contacts will be exported too you can define in the config file of this program. It is a small program with big benefit. Once you have transferred the contact to your exchange server already existing contacts get updated, others new added. The data assignment will be carried out through your ACT! server. So your contacts become available in Outlook every time and can be transferred to your PDA simply. It is very important that the program runs on the exchange server and that you have access to your ACT! Database on this server. Please download the trial version and start the setup. Afterwards you have to enter your data base information into the included config file, which will be opened when the installation is completed. For later changes you can find the config file and the exporttoGal.exe under C:\Programme\CRM-Service\ExportToGAL. If you want you can create a task in Windows to start the included ExporttoGal.exe automatically in a special time interval. The trial version only exports 20 contacts.
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