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This AddOn can create hyperlinks and file-shortcuts to ACT! contacts, companies, groups and opportunities. The application possibilities are endless. From the storage of file-links in your document storage system or hyperlinks in your Intranet, Word documents or emails.



  • Extend your intranet-data and online reports with hyperlinks to your ACT! database. So every employee can switch to the ACT! record directly with one click in the browser.
  • Mail extradata and infos to your remote employee. Insert the link into the mail and the remote user can switch with one click to the ACT! record.
  • Are you using a hierarchical customer/company folder system to store your documents and data? Simply save a file-shortcut in this folder. If you browse your documents with the windows explorer. One click later you are back in ACT!.

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  • Compatibilty to ACT! 7-17 in english and german
  • Creates hyperlinks (as link and ready-to-go HTML)
  • Creates file-shortcuts of 0 bytes length

Please test by yourself:
Install LinkToACT!, open Act Demo database and click on this hyperlink:
Chris Huffman

In some newer browsers, you have to confirm the execution of the hyperlink or you must set a target file. If you must set a target file please take "linktoact.exe" in ACT! Plug-ins folder. The confirmation is unique.

Demo Limitations:
Demo only works with records starting with A, E, I, O or U.

Download Download Demoversion




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