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Do you have a lot of trouble to migrate a database from ACT! 6 to ACT! 7 / 8? And especially if you have a lot of attached documents? As default ACT! 8 loads and stores all linked attachments and documents into the database folder. Showcase: We have a customer project with 13.000 documents with a very large amount of HD storage 2.8 GB. So that the new ACT! version syncs attachments too, every sync db needs to have the 2.8GB files. Waste of storage and waste of sync time. That's the reason we have developed a new tool which converts every single attachment to a zip file and modifies the ACT! internal file links to the compressed zip file. In our showcase we save a lot of storage and compress the files to a size of 116 MB. The links of the documents in ACT! 6 are changed accordingly by our new Tool. We offer this Tool and our services gladly to all which have exactly the same problem and were the data base conversion costs very much time and work. The trial version only zipps attachments beginning with A, I, O, U and E.
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