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Neue Artikel bei uns



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-Kaliber: .308 Win

-46 cm (18“) gefluteter, hartverchromter Lauf aus 4150 Chrome-Molybdän-Vanadium-Stahl 

-Dralllänge: 1:10“, 6 Felder und Züge

-A2 Mündungfeuerdämpfer

-Gewicht: 3,9 kg

- Gesamtlänge: 97 cm

-Schaft und Handschutz aus laminiertem Hartholz 

-Verschluss aus Carpenter 158 Stahl

-Schmiedegehäuse, hergestellt aus 7075 T6 Flugzeugaluminium

-Hogue Overmolded Beavertail Pistolengriff

-Flattop Upper Receiver mit Picatinny-Schiene

-Aluminium Abzugsbügel

-Inkl. 5-Schussmagazin, gewobener Trageriemen und Kunststoffkoffer

-Pepper Finish


EWB erforderlich

1.999,00 € *

Auf Lager

-Kaliber: .223 Rem 

-gezogener 42,5cm (16,75“) Lauf aus 4150 Chrom-Molybdän-Vanadium- Stahl, innen hartverchromt 

-Dralllänge: 1:9“

-Schmiedegehäuse, hergestellt aus 7075T6 Flugzeug Aluminium, harteloxiert mit schwarzem Finish 

-M4 A4 Type Flattop Receiver mit Picatinny-Schiene

-Verschluss aus Carpenter 158 Stahl 

-6 Positionen-Teleskopschaft aus Kunststoff mit Windham Logo

-druckstabiler M4 Handschutz


-A2 Pistolengriff,

-A2 Mündungsfeuerdämpfer 

-Gewicht: 2,9 kg

-Länge: ca. 82 - 92 cm

-inkl. 30-Schuss Metallmagazin

-gewobener Trageriemen und Transportkoffer aus Kunststoff


EWB erforderlich

1.099,00 € *

Auf Lager

Schliesshilfe von Strike Industries.

Ideal um ein optisches Highlight an der Waffe zu setzten, oder einen leeren Upper aufzubauen.

Sehr leicht ausfgeführt

Lieferung inkl. Feder und Pin.


Verschiedene Farben lieferbar, untenstehend auswählen.



The New Strike forward assist is the latest addition to the Strike Industries line of performance AR parts. The Forward Assist Plunger is made of lightweight aluminum for those looking to retain the functionality of a forward assist, while seeking weight savings wherever they can.  The forward assist pawl is constructed of tool steel to ensure positive engagement of the forward assist ratchets on compatible bolt carriers and maintain long service life.  


Package includes:
- 1x Forward Assist Plunger
- 1x Forward Assist Pawl (Installed)
- 1x Forward Assist Spring (Installed)
- 1x Forward Assist Spring Pin 

- Lightweight at only 0.2oz
- Anodized Red, Blue and Grey Line color
- Increased corrosion resistance

27,00 € *

Genialer Vordergriff von Tyrant Design


Material Alu und Kunststoff , Top Stabil!

Passt an M-Lok und KeyMod!




Our new MOD ForeGrip brings you the best of both new worlds. Our hybrid design allows the operator to use on both popular M-LOK as well as KeyMod designs without having to change the grip. Our AR-15 ForeGrip enables you to operate your AR with confidence and precision in a way that other grips do not, all while giving you the versatility to switch from one type of rail to the next with ease.

In addition, the aluminum body with polymer strap gives the operator the unique style of our product with the feel of a classic polymer grip. Operate your rifle on a new level with our new MOD ForeGrip!


  • Durable (polymer straps and aluminum body, near indestructible)
  • Interchangeable with M-LOK and KeyMod
  • Lightweight- 1.7 oz
  • Comfortable (chamfered edges for a smooth feel)
  • Temperature variation resistent
  • Polymer strap
  • Comes with everything needed for installation (screws and allen keys)
110,00 € *

Optisch und technisch genialer Vorderscvhaft von Fortis


Inkl. Befestigungs/Montage Material


Farbe Schwarz


Länge 12"

KeyMod Version




When designing the Night Rail™, we wanted to design a handguard that was easy to install, but also to be able to mount with a full 360 degrees of contact.  Our new patent pending two piece barrel nut is one of a kind. We developed this from the ground up and the machining time it takes to make the barrel nut, rivals the time making the actual rail. That's not to say the rail is simple to make. One look and you'll see that we really took time with this in design and development. What we ended up with is a rail that not only looks amazing, but is still true to our lightweight brand.  The barrel nut/mounting system keeps the rail performing even during the harshest conditions.

Being one of the leaders in the industry of rail innovation and design, it's always a challenge to innovate new products that function well, but look great also. We're up for the challenge with the next chapter of our product line - the Night™ Series. I think you'll agree that we hit a homerun with the Night Rail™.


  • Material: Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum / Barrel Nut: 4140 Steel
  • Proprietary, patent pending 2 piece barrel nut that provides 360 degree contact
  • Free float rail design
  • No visible screws on the rail system
  • Will include barrel nut wrench to install
  • 1.37" Internal Diameter
  • Made in the USA!
299,00 € *

Auf Lager

Vordergriff von BCM


Entwickelt zusammen mit Travis Haley






Kinesthetic Angled Grip - KeyMod Version

The KAG is the end result of collaboration between BCM and Travis Haley, founder of Haley Strategic Partners and inventor of multiple weapons manipulation enhancements in the firearms industry.

Designed to complement modern shooting grips, the Kinesthetic Angled Grip (KAG) uses a biomechanically efficient forward rake to create an interface for positive retention and joint relief to the wrist, elbow, and shoulder, allowing for smooth weapon manipulation without substantial increase to the girth of the weapon system. Textured on both front and back, the profile of the KAG creates a channel for consistent and positive engagement which translates directly into improved efficiency in weapons manipulation and target to target transitions.

  • Forward rake gives positive retention when using “C-clamp” (thumb over bore) method of handguard support
  • Works as a rest for supported firing positions
  • Slight angle without significant bulk adds just the right amount of relief to the wrist without substantially increasing the girth of the handguard
  • Small profile is just enough to get repeatable hand position on weapon forend
  • Innovative patent pending attachment method allows for robust clamping and alignment with minimal hardware and slender accessory size
  • Textured in front and back for positive engagement
  • Made in the U.S.A. from high quality, impact resistant polymers.

Installation Instructions - Tools needed: T15 Torx Driver (not supplied)

  • Insert tool (T15 Torx driver) into the screw from under the BCM KeyMod KAG Handstop
  • Push tool into screw to extend the KeyMod anchor, making it protrude from the top
  • Align the anchors to the two selected large holes of the desired KeyMod slots
  • After the anchor is inserted, slide the KAG Handstop forward until it travels no further
  • Push the Handstop against rail, engaging the accessory’s recoil lug to the intersecting KeyMod opening
  • With the Recoil Lug engaged, tighten screw to snug the anchor (approximately 40 inch-lbs. plus quarter turn*DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN*)
  • Ensure there is no “play” or forward/backward movement once tightened.
37,00 € *

Lancer Carbon Hinterschaft


Zur Montage wird eine Rifle A2 Buffertube benötigt


Schaft  wiegt  nur ca.294Gramm

Farbe Schwarz / Carbon



The Lancer Round Carbon-Fiber Stock (LCS) is a lightweight fixed stock
for 5.56mm and 7.62mm AR style rifles that use a fixed rifle length
buffer tube.


  • Unique carbon fiber and polymer construction is tough enough for the hardest use.
  • The buffer tube spacer is included but the buffer tube and buttstock screw are not included.
  • The butt plate has a quick detach swivel point.
  • The A2 length stock is 10.8" long and weighs 10.4oz.
159,00 € *

Neuer Vordergriff von Fortis


Der Vordergriff ist in Lang und Kurz verfügbar.

Weiterhin mit Montagemöglichkeit an Rail, M-Lok oder KeyMod


Farbe Schwarz


Sehr ergonomisch


Material Alu, sehr Stabil!


With our newest item to the Fortis family line. We went true to our roots and integrated form with functionality. The new angled grip, the Shift Short is a hybrid of sorts. The shape works as a comfortable hand stop when going with the thumb over method. The grip allows you to handle the weapon with the confidence and the organic design enables the operator to manipulate the rifle in ways thats not quite possible with other vertical grip designs.


  • One Piece Billet Design

  • Slotted Screws Attachment

  • Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum

  • Military Specification Type III Hard Coat Anodized

  • Made in the USA

77,00 € *

Auf Lager

Wunderschöne, vergrösserte Zerlegebolzen fürs AR15 von Battle Arms


Material Titan, somit fast 50% leichter als vergleichbare Teile aus Stahl!


Top Gefertigt, lieferung inkl. Federn und Pins!



Battle Arms Development Enhanced Pin Set (BAD-EPS) just got better! Now available in natural machine finished Grade 5 Titanium (BAD-EPS-Ti) it is approximately half the weight of the steel BAD-EPS. The BAD-EPS-Ti is perfect for those looking for a lightweight build, competition, or simply seeking the raw titanium finish appeal. Each BAD-EPS-Ti (Enhanced Pin Set - Titanium) set consists of one BAD-ETP-Ti (Enhanced Takedown Pin - Titanium), one EPP (Enhanced Pivot Pin - Titanium), two springs, and two detents. Precision CNC machined from Grade 5 Titanium.


  • AR15 Compatible - fits all AR15 lower receivers with mil-spec .250" diameter front pivot and rear takedown pin holes.
  • Patent Pending Pivot Pin & Takedown Pin Head Designs - greatly improved gripping surface and pull strength without the use of oversize heads.
  • Low Profile Pin Heads - low drag and never in the way. Lower profile than mil-spec pin heads.
  • Ambidextrous Safety Compatible - the BAD-ETP-Ti (Enhanced Takedown Pin - Titanium) head design does not obstruct the use of the right side ambidextrous safety selector lever.
  • Extended Pin Tips (+0.030" over mil-spec) - added tip length noticeably aids in starting/pushing the pins out from the left side of the receiver, without undue protrusion.
  • Bullet Tip Guide - cone shaped recess at both pin tips prevent accidental bullet or tool slip and reduced the chance of scratching/damaging of the receiver.
  • Patent Pending EZ Guide Channel - Additional EZ Guide Channel and detent hole makes it easier to locate the detent and ease the installation of the BAD-EPP-Ti (Enhanced Pivot Pin - Titanium) to the lower receiver.
50,00 € *

Auf Lager

Sehr stabiler, gefrässter Ladehebel von MEGA


Stabiler und massiver als Standard Ladehebel

48,00 € *

Auf Lager

Upper/Lower Set von F1 mit einigen kleinen Feinheiten.....

-Zerlegebolzen montiert (huntere wird von unten Gesichert)

-Achse des Verschlussfangs ist ein Gewindestifft (montiert)

-Upper/Lower Spiel lässt sich durch eingebaute Schraube im Lower egalisieren

-Upper mit M4 Ramps

-Lieferung im Kunststoffkoffer



The Forged Matched Receiver Set by F-1 Firearms carries above MIL-SPEC tolerances and some F-1 Firearms lines and features. The receiver set is "All American Made" and offers the standard forward assist and dust cover but is matched through the finishing process.

  • FDR-15 matched receiver set (billet like features)
  • Manufactured from high grade 7075-T6 forged aluminum
  • Front and rear take down pins included and installed
  • Screws included for bolt catch, receiver tensioning, take-down pin detent and trigger adjustment
  • Groove in top Picatinny
  • Black - Type III Class 2 hard anodizing
  • F-1 Firearms 100% Product Guarantee
  • Weight 15.70 oz



399,00 € *

Auf Lager

Das RSD hat in Israel und USA schon viele Anhänger, eine Version/Abwandlung davon setzt u.a. die IDF ein!


Daten zur Optik:

-Vergrößerung 1x
-Abmessung des Sichtfensters 33 x 20 mm
-Größe des Rotpunktes 1.8 MOA = 5,25cm
-Energieversorgung mit  einer normalen  AA Batterie
-Energiesparsystem Abschaltautomatik / Automatischer Neustart
-Abmessungen (L x B x H) < 116 x 60 x 68 mm
-Gewicht mit integrierter Picatinnymontage, ohne Batterie < 300 g
-Montage integriert für  Picatinnyschiene (MIL-STD 1913)( Kemmbreite nachstellbar)
-Leuchtstärke 4 Stufen, davon 1x Nachtsicht


Lieferung inkl. Neopren-Schutzhülle, Reinigungstuch Optik und AA-Batterie sowie Anleitung (Englisch)

660,00 € *

Auf Lager

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