Vishay TSAL7200 - LED IR

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Vishay TSAL7200 - High power 940nm 5mm IR (infrared) GaAlAs/GaAs LED (emitter) - 940 nm 5 mm infrared LEDs. Like Vishay TSAL6200, but in a clear plastic package. Like Vishay TSAL7300, but with narrower viewing angle and higher radiant intensity.

Technical data:

Peak wavelength 940 nm,

viewing angle 34 degrees (±17°),

radiant intensity min. 40 mW/sr, typ. 60 mW/sr, max. 200 mW/sr,

total radiant flux 35 mW,

forward current 100 mA, surge current 1.5 A,

forward voltage 1.35 V / 2.6 V,

switching times 800 ns / 800 ns.



• Very highly efficient AlGaAs/GaAs LED;
• High reliability;
• High radiant power;
• High radiant intensity;
• Low forward voltage;
• High pulse handling capability;
• Good spectral match to silicon photodetectors;
• Package type: leaded;
• Package form: T-1¾ (diameter 5 mm), untinted plastic package;
• Lead (Pb)-free component in accordance with RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC.


• Infrared remote control units for hifi and TV sets, video tape recorders, dimmers;
• Free air transmission systems;
• Infrared source for optical counters and card readers;
• IR source for smoke detectors;
• Light-reflection switches (max. 300 kHz);
• Sensor technology;
• Discrete optocouplers;
• Medicine: diagnostic equipment for ophthalmology practice.


from 10 pcs per 0.89 EUR,
from 100 pcs per 0.79 EUR.

Data sheet Vishay TSAL7200 PDF

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