LED measurements

Measurements are necessary to accurately determine such optical characteristics of LEDs like radiation pattern (viewing angle), luminous intensity, luminous flux, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength and color coordinates (in accordance to CIE standards) in visible spectral region and radiant intensity and radiant flux (radiant power) in ultraviolet and infrared. We perform both R&D and production testing using special test fixtures for various LED packages. The Ocean Optics HR4000CG-UV-NIR High-Resolution CCD Array Spectrometer is used for spectral measurements of ultraviolet, visible and infrared LEDs. International Light Integrating Sphere INS-250 together with Research Radiometer IL-1700 is used for luminous and radiant flux measurements. Degradation measurements and burn-in (in accordance to MIL standards) are performed with special test benches at different forward currents. We can select LEDs using various electric, radiometric, photometric and colorimetric criteria.