Nichia NCSU033C - UV 365 nm LED

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Nichia NCSU033C (Nichia NCSU033CT - on tape) - high-power ultraviolet SMD LED (chip type 6868, size 6.8 x 6.8 x 1.9 mm) - UV LEDs. Like Nichia NC4U133A, but with 1 chip and smaller radiant power. Successor / replacement of discontinued Nichia NCSU033B.

Specifications (initial electrical / optical characteristics):

peak wavelength: min. 360 nm, typ. 365 nm, max. 370 nm (Rank U365),
spectrum half width 9 nm,
viewing angle 115 degrees (±57.5°),
total radiant flux - radiant power: typ. 750 mW @ 500 mA,
forward voltage: typ. 3.8 V, max. 4.4 V.

Absolute maximum ratings:

Forward current IF = DC 700 mA;
Pulse forward current IFP = 1000 mA (pulse width ≤10 ms, duty cycle ≤10%);
Allowable Reverse Current IR = 85 mA;
Power Dissipation PD = 3.08 W;
Operating Temperature Topr = -10...+85°C;
Storage Temperature Tstg = -40...+100°C;
Junction Temperature TJ = 130°C.


● Pb-free Reflow Soldering Application;
● Built-in ESD Protection Device;
● RoHS Compliant.


• UV illumination for UV cameras;
• Scientific instrumentation;
• Sensor technology;
• R&D;
• Fluorescence spectroscopy;
• UV tracing;
• UV curing of epoxy resin and ink;
• Fluorescence contrast in machine vision;
• Fiber coupled LED sources;
• Excitation source for luminescence;
• Lithography.

Safety Advices. Caution!

Semiconductor product. Invisible radiation. Depending on the mode of operation (drive current, pulse duration, optics etc.), these devices emit highly concentrated non visible ultraviolet light which can be hazardous to the human eye. Products which incorporate these devices have to follow the safety precautions given in IEC 60825-1 and IEC 62471. Depends on operating conditions, this LED may be classified as class 1M laser/LED product (acc. to IEC 60825). When operating powerful emitters, care should be taken to comply with IEC to minimize any possible eye hazard:

- Use lowest possible drive level.
- Use diffusing optics where posiible.
- Avoid staring into powerful emitters or connected fibers.
- Do not view directly in beam with optical instruments.

data sheet Nichia NCSU033C PDF

Heat Dissipation from NCSU03xx depending on Tj PDF

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