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Vishay TSHG5410 - high speed power 850nm 5mm IR (infrared) GaAlAs LED (emitter) - 850nm infrared 5 mm LEDs, ROHS. Like Vishay TSHG6410, but without stopper (stand-off). Like Vishay TSHG5210, but with wider viewing angle and smaller radiant intensity.

Technical data:

Peak wavelength 850 nm,
viewing angle 36 degrees (±18°),
High radiant intensity: min. 45 mW/sr, typ. 90 mW/sr, max. 135 mW/sr,
High radiant power - total radiant flux 55 mW,
forward current 100 mA, surge current 1 A,
short rise / fall time 30 ns / 13 ns (cut-off frequency 18 MHz),
Low forward voltage: 1.5 V / 2.3 V (at 100 mA / 1 A).


• Very highly efficient double hetero (DH) AlGaAs-LED;
• Fabricated in a liquid phase epitaxy process;
• Package type: leaded;
• Package form: T-1¾ (∅5 mm);
• High reliability;
• Suitable for high pulse current operation;
• High modulation bandwidth: fc = 18 MHz;
• Good spectral matching with CMOS cameras;
• Lead (Pb)-free component in accordance with RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC.


• Infrared radiation source for operation with CMOS cameras;
• High speed IR data transmission;
• Smoke-automatic fire detectors.


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Data sheet Vishay TSHG5410 PDF

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