B-468-TO-12N - blue LED 468 nm

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High power 468nm blue LED (emitter) in 5mm TO metal package with glass lens.

Technical data:

Peak wavelength 468 nm,
viewing angle 12 degrees (±6°),
power output (total radiant flux) min. 0.7 mW, typ. 1.4 mW @ 20 mA,
forward current DC 30 mA, pulse forward current 0.3 A,
forward voltage typ. 3.5 V, max. 4.0 V @ 20 mA.


• High output power;
• High reliability;
• Narrow beam angle.


• Light-source for color sensors (money-bill);
• Light-source for paper sensors (money-bill);
• Bar-code reader.

Data sheet B-468-TO-12N PDF

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