BG-490-330 - blue-green 3 mm LED 490 nm

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490nm high-brightness bluish-green (cyan, turquoise) LED in 3 mm package.

Technical data:

peak wavelength 490 nm,
viewing angle 30 degrees (±15°),
luminous intensity 9000 mcd,
forward voltage 3.3 V.


- Imitation of the color emission of the blue-green cathode fluorescent lights;
- Scientific instrumentation;
- Fluorometers for environmental monitoring;
- Fluoroscopic imaging systems;
- Biology: fermentation technology;
- Cellular analysis / detection system: excitation of fluorophores such as EGFP, or hMGFP, PicoGreen®, RiboGreen®, Fluorescein, QuantiT™ Protein, Quant-iT™ dsDNA, Rhodamine-110 at 490nm, emission wavelengths 510–570nm;
- Medical Instrumentation (prevention of caries by hardening the tooth enamel, hardening of fillings);
- Excitation of resonance Raman band of porphirin;
- Absorbance band of formazan product;
- Reduction of H20 to H2 in TiO2 suspension on TiO2 interface in photoreactors;
- Bromination;
- Rapid detection of micro-organism that have been marked by fluorescein.


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from 1000 pcs per 0.85 EUR.

data sheet BG-490-330 PDF

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