W-T110-350 - white LED TO-220

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High-power warm white LED in TO220 package with short pins. Can be used as of Philips Luxeon / Avago Moonstone series.

Technical data:

viewing angle 110 degrees (±55°),
luminous flux 30 lm (at 350 mA),
forward voltage 3.5 V.


Energy efficient;
Exposed pad for excellent heat transfer;
Suitable for reflow soldering process;
High current operation;
Long operation life;
Wide viewing angle;
Silicone encapsulation.


Commercial lighting;
Retail lighting;
Architectural lighting;
Garden lighting;
Decorative lighting.


from 3 pcs per 2.10 EUR,

from 10 pcs per 1.90 EUR.


data sheet W-T110-350 PDF

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