FreeTrack kit / set USB with Osram SFH485P

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FreeTrack kit / set powered from USB port, with infrared LEDs Osram SFH485P. A similar set, but battery-powered: FreeTrack kit / set with Osram SFH485P

Included are:

3 x IR LEDs Osram SFH485P; 1 x resistor 6.8...10 Ohm, 1/4 W; 100 cm isolated wires (red and blue); 1 x USB cable, 2.5 m length, for connection to computer.

FreeTrack circuitry

Please note that the long leg of the IR LED is the negaitive pole (cathode).

If you use computer USB port or USB power adapter as power supply (U = 5.0 V), feel free to use resistors (metal film or carbon film) between 6.8...10 Ohm, 1/4 Watt E24, for example:

6.8 Ohm ---> 75 mA ---> LED is very bright;
8.2 Ohm ---> 60 mA ---> LED is bright;
10.0 Ohm ---> 50 mA ---> LED is medium.


For head movement tracking devices (Free Track) as per the designs (and LED type recommendation) provided on the website:

These devices can be used in conjunction with a standard WebCam, for example, to enable a disabled person to control a computer, or to simply improve the use of flight simulation software, especially the excellent IL-2 series, giving a highly-realistic sensation of flying:

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