R-660-556/C - deep red LED 5 mm 660 nm

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5 mm dark red (deep red) 660nm LED. Obsolete. Please order similar LEDs R-660-530/C.

Technical data:

peak wavelength 660 nm,
viewing angle 56 degrees (±28°),
luminous intensity 300 mcd,
forward voltage 2.0 V.


- Illumination for plant growth, aquarium illumination.
- Lighting for solariums.
- Ambient backround room lighting.
- Plant cultivation: LED lighting for plant growth. LEDs as a light for indoor mini-greenhouses.
- Lamps for medical usage (colour light therapy, red light therapy, regeneration).
- Healing of the skin. Some studies suggest that radiation of this specific wavelength would accelerate and improve the natural healing capabilities.
- LED Light sourse for Photo sensor.
- LED Light sourse for Photoelectric sensor.
- LED light source for Bill validator - currency detector.


from 100 pcs per 0.22 EUR,
from 500 pcs per 0.20 EUR,
from 1000 pcs per 0.19 EUR.

data sheet R-660-556/C PDF

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