Osram SFH485 - IR LED

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Osram SFH485 - High power 880nm 5mm IR LED (infrared emitter).

Peak wavelength 880 nm,
viewing angle 40 degrees (±20°),
radiant intensity min. 25 mW/sr, typ. 30 mW/sr, max. 160 mW/sr,
total radiant flux 25 mW,
forward current 100 mA, surge current 2.5 A,
forward voltage 1.3 V / 1.9 V,
switching times 600 ns / 500 ns,
for Multi-Touch-Systems optimal, recommended by the Natural User Interface (NUI) Group, an online community concerning Multitouch applications.


•Very highly efficient AlGaAs-LED,
•Fabricated in a liquid phase epitaxy process,
•High reliability,
•High pulse handling capability,
•Good spectral match to silicon photodetectors,
•Same package as Osram SFH 300, SFH 203.


Multi-touch and finger touch systems: displays, screens, tables, surfaces, walls, windows;
•How to make guide: multitouch-display-how-to-make.pdf;
•IR remote control for hifi and TV sets, video tape recorders, dimmers;
•Remote control for steady and varying intensity;
•Smoke detectors (UL-approval);
•Discrete light-reflection switches / interrupters (max. 500 kHz);
•Sensor technology;
•Discrete optocouplers;
•IR-light table for infrared-light-recognition via PC;
•IR-Lamps for medical usage (infrared light therapy, regeneration).

from 10 pcs per 0.60 EUR,
from 100 pcs per 0.53 EUR.

Data sheet Osram SFH485 PDF

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