Osram SFH4503 - IR LED 950 nm


Osram SFH4503 - High speed power 950nm 5mm IR (infrared) LED (emitter) - 950nm 5 mm LEDs infrared.

Technical data:


Peak wavelength 950 nm,

viewing angle 8 degrees (±4°),

radiant intensity min. 63 mW/sr, typ. 250 mW/sr,

total radiant flux 40 mW,

forward current 100 mA surge current 2.2 A,

forward voltage 1.5 V / 3.2 V,

switching times 10 ns / 10 ns.


No longer manufactured! Discontinued. We recomend using of LEDs Osram SFH4511 or Osram SFH4545 with similar parameters.



• High power GaAs-LED;

• High efficiency at low currents;

• Narrow emission angle;

• Very high radiant intensity;
• High reliability;
• High pulse handling capability;
• Good spectral match to silicon photodetectors.


• IR remote control of hi-fi and TV-sets, video tape recorders, dimmers;
• Remote control for steady and varying intensity;
• Sensor technology;
• Discrete interrupters;
• IR spotlight (infrared illumination) for cameras;
• Light-reflection switches;
• Data transmission;
• Discrete optocouplers.

Data sheet Osram SFH4503 PDF


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