CD: Three Times Blood - Taubertäler Bläsertage

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Three Times Blood - Taubertäler Bläsertage

Conductor: Fritz Neuböck & Walter Ratzek

Orchestra: Taubertäler Concert Band

Item-Nr.: CAD CD 2003-006

01.Civic Music Peter WesenAuer 04:56Carpe Diem
02.Windfonietta -Elegie- Fritz Neuböck 03:39Carpe Diem
03.Windfonietta -Serenade-   02:37Carpe Diem
04.Windfonietta -Finale-   03:41Carpe Diem
05.Stop all the Clocks Peter WesenAuer 08:56Carpe Diem
06.Three Times Blood Fritz Neuböck 11:18Carpe Diem
07.Texasriver Ouvertüre Peter WesenAuer 07:36Carpe Diem
08.The Arrival of the Celts Peter WesenAuer 07:52Carpe Diem
09.Schloss Orth Fritz Neuböck 09:00Carpe Diem
10.A Journey to Riva Fritz Neuböck 08:06Carpe Diem
11.In Love with a Bugle Fritz Neuböck 04:28Carpe Diem

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