CD: El Volador

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El Volador

Conductor: Toni Scholl

Orchestra: Police Music Corps Baden-Württemberg

Artikel-Nr.: HFB-ES-47.507

01. Ladies First Suzanne Welters  
02.-05. Scheheradze Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov Yo Kitano
06.-07. El Volador Jean Leclerq  
08.Ballad for Flute & Wind Band Carl Reinecke Jose Schyns
09.16. Warm-Ups (Nr.3) Derek Bourgeois  
10.North and South Bill Conti Roland Smeets
11.Stille Nacht, Heilige NachtFranz Xaver Gruber Roland Smeets
12.On the Back Greg Farrell  
13.Trois petites notes de musique George Delerue Alain Crepin
14.LamaSerge Lama Maxime Legaulois
15.Sunny Days Geert Flik  
16.Funkdrunk Hardy Mertens  
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