Care instructions

Care instructions

Congratulations to your new piece of GILARDY Jewelry!


We have prepared some valuable tips so that you will be able to enjoy your new piece of jewelry for a long time.


We care for your piece of GILARDY jewelry properly


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a highly resistant material, which needs little care and will still give you years of joy in wearing it. Nevertheless, small signs of wear might appear over time, however much less than with, for example, gold and silver jewelry. Clean your stainless steel jewelry regularly with lukewarm water and light hand- or dish soap. You may use a sponge or soft toothbrush to get intricate places clean, such as the inside of engraved lettering. If you have the opportunity, take your piece of jewelry to a jewelers or optician with an ultrasonic cleaner.GILARDY jewelry from stainless steel is available in the colours dark gray, black, rosé- and yellow gold and covered with high-quality PVD. Hence, a really hard material additionally covers the stainless steel. This coloured coating is very scratch resistant and durable. After time it may seem as if there are 'scratches' on your piece, however they are not. Lesser stable metals and materials, such as silver and gold, will rub off onto the strong PVD and leave their mark. Those can be easily polished away by a goldsmith. If you have any questions regarding any information, do not hesitate in contacting our customer service.



GILARDY High-Tech-Ceramic is made under temperatures of over 1.3000 degrees Celsius (ca. 2370 degrees Fahrenheit). This exceptional material not only offers a high durability, but also a wonderful sheen. Ceramic is maintained and cleaned by rinsing it with lukewarm water, adding a bit of soft hand- or dish soap; using a sponge or cloth. In order to conserve the 18 K white or yellow gold engraved lettering we do not recommend the use of a toothbrush.



Silver as a metal reacts with oxygen and thus blackens. This normal chemical reaction is called oxidization.

Silver jewelry generally cleans itself when brushing against our clothes etc. However, beauty products as well as salt and chloride water may cause your jewelry to tarnish.

First applying and then gently removing of toothpaste or neutral soap will let your pieces shine again. For intricate designs we recommend a hot saltwater bath, where the jewelry is wrapped in aluminum foil. If you gently polish the pieces with a soft cloth afterwards they will show their original sheen.

An easy, yet effective and gentle method for cleaning your silverware are coated cloths from the drugstore. Even and lightly tarnished surfaces seem like new again in no time.



Next to the popular chemical baths and cloths for your jewelry there is further methods to care and clean your favorite gold pieces.

Just like with silver, you may clean gold jewelry with toothpaste. Gently apply the cream and let it work its magic for a moment, a little rub and a good wash will let the piece shine like it is new again.
Denture tabs can be used, too. Leaving the jewelry in a bath over night will bring the sheen back. Remember to rinse well and to polish the golden jewelry with a soft cloth.

Little dirt may be easily removed by bathing the jewelry in soapy water. It solves dust, oils and fats. Rinse the pieces well afterwards and dry with a soft cloth.  

For intricate pieces, with a fitted diamond or pearl for example, we recommend a professional clean at the jewelers. Here a specialist will take care not to damage the gems or pearls in the process.