By additional Vario records and role BWS as accessories you receive possibilities to adapt the cushion more individually to your wishes.
* for maximum stability and protection of the upper backbone
* with the original Cervinorm ® double curve for Back and Seitlage
* for the healthy and preinjured cervical vertebra column and intervertebral discs
* For the optimum protection of the cervical vertebra column and support of the natural Lordose
* for a more favorable price without deductions in the quality *ohne Varioplatten (optionally available) and without Vario roles * with straight base record for the height adaptation
* Solidly and at most loadable
* On both sides usable with 2 conformist double curves for optimum protection for cervical column and dorsal vertebra column
* Optimum and different adaptation for perfect lying in back and Seitlage
* with the combinable specially BWS role for a pleasantly supported crossing to the dorsal vertebra column
* high grade from a foam without every Verklebung made
* Optimum adaptation to head and backbone with the original dual relation BRW from noble Microcare or Microcare Silverline and adaptable Stretch-couch zone Protect Foam, height adjustable by 9 mm of base record + role BWS. You receive a role BWS under accessories.
*Wahlweise as a cushion system with Seitkissen 15 cm / 20 cm.

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Protect foam, height adjustable with base lamina


179.00 *
* Prices including VAT plus shipping