BRW benefits

BRW  benefits





BRW Schlafsysteme® starts new trends for a healthy sleep!
With the new Cervinorm® of bolsters we change not only the cushion foam, we also change after 28 years of pyramids on lamellas which allow a geziehlte support in the area HWS.
Also bolsters the present couch surfaces / sleep systems were complemented in parallel with the development of the Cervinorm® with more variable shoulder zones.
In addition, another 2 other couch surfaces were developed for a healthy sleep which were presented with great success on the congress of the American chiropractic in Berlin.

First You are called neither by us nor by order of BRW-sleep systems of a call center for sales meetings or promotional events. Not for home parties, unless you notify us on the "contact" with that you want a call back and let us know the best time to call.

Second In our shop we do not work with glossy photos, fine-sounding names or promotional. In return we offer you high quality products. When we value quality and sober facts that were developed in cooperation with specialists / therapists and created.

Third In BRW you buy any machine-made mass-produced products. E.g. be with us still manually crafted remuneration, based the mattress and packaged for shipping. The same time the product is tested for the last time.

4th This sleep system was developed in 1985 with physicians and continually improved for the benefit of our customers with our evaluation test sheets further.

5th BRW Sleep Systems is a family business, whose products are available only through doctors, chiropractors and other therapists and contact us directly.

6th You can obtain our products in any market, mattresses or furniture store.

7.You get a right of return within 30 days, details, please refer to our return policy. We recommend leaving at this time not to the sleep system / lying area in the package, otherwise the operation will be distorted. "

8th For our sleep systems and slabs does not require special and unnecessarily expensive slats. The opposite is the case. It only hurts the performance of our products.

9th Buy "a pig in a poke", because you will get the most out of your recommendation familiar doctor or therapist and you also granted a right of return.

By sun-warranty: 10 years:
During this time, the mattress be worn by fatigue of the foam, you will receive at no extra cost, a new mattress.

30 days return

You may find in these 30 days in peace at home, whether the sleep system / Chassis arise entspricht.Es your wishes for you no cost if we will see a reversal vornehmen.Auf we wish you these days with "words and deeds "stehen.In aside special cases, after consultation with you is an Extensions Manager possible even after 90 days. For this, we will then create a separate offer by you but are no additional costs ..

Only when you're happy, we have achieved our goal.

We ask of you!
As our sleep systems and swimming areas have been developed (except spa mattress) for specific diseases with medical professionals, it is possible that after a few days worsen "your health problems" over neighborhood. According to our medical advice after this phase, the self-healing powers of the body are activated again. Not sleep, which is most convenient for you, must be for you the healthiest sleep. So please do not ask for after a few days, a reversal vorzunehmen.Wenn not you are willing to use our products timely, we prefer not to order them to unnecessary trouble to work on both sides to vermeiden.Wir regeional for about 20 years with test sheets the customer fills out during this time. Based on these evaluations have them for 30 days brand is set to vary as well as the period of deterioration within the first 3 weeks,. You must also not auftreten.Was occurs more rarely.


Just a tip:

A short test it out in a furniture / mattress market, even a test it out for a week you are not sure whether it is the right product, especially since it is the condition of the seller, in many cases, do not remove the product from the packaging.

Test your own pace at home in a familiar environment without the stress and time pressure

Our sleep systems 3 - 4 weeks.

In this phase, you will feel the positive changes in your sleep patterns.

These so-called return to you at no cost or fees.

Please note:
"The Federation of German chiropractor has his quoted on this website assessment concretized in namded BRW Sleep Systems mattress, not in terms of mattresses or sleep systems from other vendors. The Association of German chiropractor has just become aware of the BRW-sleep systems, and has at its on
leave this website reproduced assessment. "