The bed needs 3 things

The bed needs 3 things





1. Ergonomics

A must for every bed, orthopaedic, couch comfort appropriate for back, for one
optimum support of the backbone.

Our acupressure systems offer the orthopaedic recommended couch comfort, because the well-balanced couch surface in connection with him
to nape-supporting pillows guarantee the ergonomic support of her
2. Climate control
Only materials with air-conditioning qualities guarantee one
Humidity transport and a healthy, natural Wärme-/
Cold regulation.
The optimum, air-conditioning qualities of the acupressure systems
look warmth-adjusting or cold-adjusting and humidity-absorbent.

3. Hygiene
Only one bed which is hygienically safe offers actual protection from allergies and infections.
The hygienic material qualities of our acupressure systems are:

    to disinfect easily


The sleeping systems BRW fulfil three most important qualities for a healthy, restful sleep and even more:

To the relaxation of the musculature and suggestion of the metabolism, simply
during the Schlafens.

Acupressure effect:
For a healthy stimulation of important acupressure points.