BRW-Poplar fluff

BRW-Poplar fluff






Poplar fluff is hardly ever used in pure form due to its fineness. He always needs a supporting fiber. We offer blends with 30% by weight of cottonwood fluff. This does, however, because of the extreme lightness of the poplar fluff from a volume fraction of about 50% in the blanket.

Mixtures with poplar fluff:

     • The poplar down-blend silk with peak values ​​reached in the moisture-regulating / Breathability and is therefore suitable for heavily perspiring people.

     • The camel's downy poplar down-mix also has excellent moisture-regulatory properties and is also more thermally insulating than the previously mentioned ceilings.

     • The mix of poplar down with ropes made ​​entirely from plant materials and also reached peak levels in the humidity control / breathability is therefore suitable for sweaty people. These blankets contain a small percentage of cotton as a moderator and, with their pure herbal blend well suited for many allergy sufferers.

Our recommendation for the colder season is clearly the camel-poplar down-blend. For the warmer seasons, we recommend mixing with silk or - vegan - the mixture of linen. Different filling weights can, like the various mixtures with each other for optimal four-seasons-ceiling combined.
The standard dimensions are 135x200 cm (small German standard size) with 800 g or 1200 g Filling and 155x220 cm (large German standard measure) with 1100 g or 1600 g
Improved poplar down duvets measurable and noticeable!

The picture is very pretty evident that poplar fuzz has not only an extraordinary fiber fineness (8 μ), but has also strikingly large cavities. The achieved so extremely high surface causes great advantages in terms of efficacy parameters lightness and insulation and moisture uptake and release. Poplar fluff is the finest hollow fiber textile world.
Poplar fluff: the finer the fiber, the better the fabric

care Tips

     Each textile suffers from too frequent washing. This is especially true for blankets, as they contain valuable fluffy non-woven fabrics.
     Was ever such a mat of fine fibers now, the higher its performance in terms of heat and moisture management, the less strain on the other hand we deal with the care with him.
     How thoroughly do you maintain a quilt depends on your needs and the
     Cover material from: quilts of polyester or down material must be washed more than others because they have poor humidity control and settle in these blankets rather sweat and odors.
     Duvets, however noble animal with hair or fuzz poplar have excellent moisture management and therefore need not be washed or only rarely.

Care Instructions :

     Stains: wash more individual points by hand
     Otherwise, dry cleaning or Schwenkbad preferably in the bathtub
     Use mild detergent, low temperatures are preferable
     5 kg washing machine: Machine wash with mild detergent, short spin
     Dry on delicate cycle or on a flat surface; in between and then pull into shape.
     Duvet cover and wash air: the optimal ceiling Care

Basis for comparison: the Foundation of goods classifications test (issue 7/97) for down, synthetic and animal hair. The assignment of poplar down to the levels of quality, however, was based on the test results from renowned German test institutes by PAP (P) itself illon These test results are fully published on the website

Deviations from the average values ​​possible.

(+ + = Very good, + = good, o = medium, - = low, - = very low


Based on the comparative analysis shows that poplar fuzz and (fine), animal hair can complement each other perfectly: The disadvantage of the lower insulating ability of the animal hair is balanced by poplar down, while the good moisture transport of the poplar fluff by fine animal hair (and also by Silk) is enhanced.

There is also the world's unsurpassed moisture absorption of the short-term poplar fluff that the resulting moisture on the skin promptly and actively absorbs and transfers.

The mix: combinations with poplar down to compensate for temperature differences greater than feathers or animal hair blankets
Poplar fluff thus ensures warmth without overheating.