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comfort is suited for the snsitive cervical vertebra column and skull, as well as particularly to Cranio Sacraler therapy


By a particularly gentle and adjusting the foam cushion CRANIO CERVINORM ® is especially suitable for craniosacral therapy / Craniopathie / craniosacral osteopathy and SOT = Sacro occipital technique by Dr. M.B. DeJarnette (DC - Doctor Of Chiropractic USA) .

It awaits a touch of recording pressure when the pad picks up your head gently and you have your relaxed rest position. You will experience a pleasant feeling when your head would float freely .

The CERVINORM ® CRANIO still has the same stabilizing and optimized for the cervical spine and intervertebral disc shape as the other neck support pillows CERVINORM ® family. Compared with the STANDARD and Cushions VARIO it was increased slightly to increase the Einsinkzone and will be delivered along with the CERVINORM ® Vario plate for 6 -fold height and tilt adjustment . The CERVINORM CRANIO ® pillow has a special highly elastic and very sensitive foam, which ensures an extremely even distribution of the head weight on the individual skull bones during sleep. The subtle movements of the bones of the skull can thus develop freely and freely on the CERVINORM ® CRANIO pillow.

The foam is not specifically used by BRW visco - elastic and reacts very quickly to any fine vibration of the skull and of the vessels. The cranial rhythmic impulse (CRI ) or the craniosacral rhythm is conserved as possible during sleep . At the same time , the cervical spine is benefiting from the original CERVINORM ® double curve for optimum sleep and back and side.

Although BRW Schlafsysteme sleeping in the prone position should not preferred , then the CERVINORM ® CRANIO neck support pillow is suitable due to its high adaptability and flexibility for stomach sleepers.

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