Beakja Seerose Dawan

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                                                                                   Size 14 x 7
This Beak Ja porcelain in the form of a lotus leaf has a elegant line and a typical white porcelain in the Joseon Dynasty.
White porcelain (Beak Ja Stil)
was favored during in Joseon Dynasty. The Confucian doctrine was dominated at that time in the culture and philosophy in nation wide. The white Beakja porcelain reflects the pragmatism and the simplicity of the Confucian doctrine. The white was more popular than other colors.

This pottery is handmade according to an old traditional method.




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Beakja Dangcho Dawan Beakja Dangcho Dawan
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Hong Mak Sabal Hong Mak Sabal
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Mak Dabal Mak Dabal
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