About us. Why is FasziFlex.

Who is behind the development of the FasziFlex?Markus_Siebeneicher_Portraet

My name is Markus Siebeneicher. Before developing the FasziFlex, I worked for over a decade as a full-time board member of a back health association and since 2011 I have launched the newly developed, patented TwistFit on the market.

Together with therapists and health experts I developed concepts for training, rehabilitation and health measures. For about a decade I have also been producing the TwistFit, a highly effective training device for deep muscles ( For more than 20 years now, I have been working full-time with questions about training and prevention.

Inspired by the functional training of the muscles, the deep muscles and the training of the fasciae, I still lacked the handy and versatile (5th D) training device for home, studio and therapeutic use.

It should be easy to use at any time and immediately, so to speak, simply usable NOW.
One development criterion was: Take it in your hand and start training directly.

It had to be SIMPLE so that everyone could use it immediately, directly, NOW.
Like e.g. a gymnastic pole or a light weight.

Decisive was to reduce it to essentials:
For example, to avoid having to learn to ride a bicycle in order to be able to use the training device.


No unnecessary waste means working with high quality materials that are durably durable to produce a durable article. We also completely dispense with plastic parts when it comes to packaging and training instructions.
FasziFlex, reduced to the essentials, no colourful, elaborate advertising packaging.

And it should be EVERYTHING - the entire functionality of the whole body - that can be trained highly effectively.
At the same time, it should also be fun to play with. PLAY - FUN - ACTION

Many demands on a pole as a training device. Therefore this rod had to be developed completely new.

After years of development work with technicians, therapists and sports scientists, there is now:

FasziFlex with its fascinatingly flexible fascia and muscle training!