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outside PTO 1134 / avantgarde : science – analysis

contract cracked the reality three – dimensional time- related evaluation from whose structure

ascertain process illustration cut through the change of place

point of view of alteration detail indifferent additiv quote density

arrangement combination from mould mass

adaption the simultaneousness at seeing above association parallelen condensed enlarged as

concentration between timespace partial view one going at the head venue

total washout shut portrayal putting something into perspective from pretence in deception

distort unnoticed contens in nearest look show reality were three – dimensional valued preserve

result from emotion multiply optical one dialogue from possibility

self the stimulus of the proceedings a stimuli curvature interruption bend from course and straight

periphery of the give a vivid born whole description mechanism general partner are the imperfect and backwardness be subject to something

develop oneself contrast simultaneousness through facts dynamics irony of the observer one conviction form at great length aesthetic consciousness

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suitability a dispute of the penetration in open structure the here and now one must the speed as unimportance on the head standing

blockhead degenerate hold talk the border on ignorance show itself in the feature present deviation oneself than mirroreffekts in the open space

adjustable dimensions a detail and total taking up circumstances from one evocation of use unfamiliar

correspondence put here fusion a methode of perception make out with at contact infinity as cognitive world the mimesis raise

inauguration of the double life invisible disadvantage theory at integrate of the extensive systemdimension new describe

radical pattern of stigmatization lift

reproduce diminish perception abstracted-experimental dissolving the density and the figuration of the hardness coarse-grained fencing from light and shadow at into heart of the matter penetrate as mounting shiny avoidance surface

indolence manifest itself through other aesthetic modern age at determine THINKING AHEAD

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the take no notice of the hard facts of life as inversion ask source buried thing from dependence a toleration from closer

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