de willem & cyem inc. guillaume: OOPS OOZE

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science analysis : oops ooze / neoavant-gard literature

idea contents a messenger you showing the blending result from semantic structure from navigation than information representation experimental accidental

construction one information from communicative model action instruction someone opinion through a other point of view impression the thing different program as question

asymmetry from description lead to defeat of the equilibrium centre provocation formulation one make dialogue where I m ? as subjectivs myself ?

terrace one point departure radical size from literary abstraction produce around from indifference regularity to escape place the words a linear building from branching out bilateral contents vector from letters seeming pointless and but fuller sence decisire for the dynamics analogous than justification of the wish

thing and those contents to understand circumscription a wide aim according to go around at individual reaction the diminishing put up tension spontaneous develop to powers of imagination

complex ambiguity than systems analogous one contor – ted assimilate world animation from explanation itself even the fiction reflection a interlude end with the trip