SWING Backprotector P07 flexible, Adult

SWING Backprotector P07 flexible, Adult

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SWING Backprotector P07 flexible, adult

  • The SWING backprotectors P07 provides ideal wearing comfort and maximum safety for spine and tailbone.

    - CE approved spine protection (conforms to EN 1621-2, level 2)
    - greatest protection for spine and tailbone
    - maximum wearing comfort
    - greatest possible freedom of movement
    - light weight and flexible
    - 360° allround protection

  • The back protector
    SWING backprotectors provide greatest possible protection while allowing for ideal freedom of movement to guarantee fun while riding.
    Please note that according to the LPO a backprotector conforming to EN 13158-2000 or EN 13158-2009 is required for eventing.
  • for children look here

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