KAVALKADE Travelboots Transwell front

KAVALKADE Travelboots Transwell front

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KAVALKADE Travelboots Transwell front
Our Transwell Travelling boots from Kavalkade made their name and reputation when it comes to handling, safety and price 
Kicking tendons and fetlock during transport are not uncommon and can result in serious injuries, they can be caused even when loading and unloading. We have therefore developed travelling boots that prevents all these problems. Flexible and soft, made of impact resistant plastic and anatomically shaped, providing reliable protection of the horse‘s leg, which does not restrict the movement. Three Velcro straps allows the boots to fit very easily. The inside is made of thick felt for a comfortable fit. Due to the perfect fit the boot does not twist and gives excellent protection for
cannon bone, coronet band, fetlock and heal. The “Gütesiegel” is only awarded when 13 out of 15 possible points are achieved. Kavalkade Transwell Transport boots received: 5 points for the equipment, 5 points for the practical test, 5 points for the price. This perfect score demonstrates the combination of quality and functionality.
Size: Horse, front
Colour: blue
Unit: 1 Pair



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KAVALKADE Travelboots Transwell REAR KAVALKADE Travelboots Transwell REAR
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